Diagnostics Development Services: Immunoassays˜

Amorfix's Custom Assay Development Services addresses the need for sensitive and reproducible immunoassays for diagnostic and research purposes. Our team of experts can design the appropriate microtiter plate platform to minimize the effects of interfering substances when working with plasma, CSF and other patient samples.

Advantages of Amorfix Assay Development Services:

  • Reliable and customer-focused
  • Short assay development time
  • Transfer to your laboratory or assay performed as a service
  • Ability to screen libraries of patient samples
  • Large library of normal control blood samples
  • Proven excellence in project management
  • Quality controlled with full R&D documentation

Ultrasensitive Protein Assay Development - Dual Bead Platform˜

For research or diagnostic applications where protein levels are expected to be very low, Amorfix offers the Dual Bead Ultrasensitive Protein Assay. Our magnetic and fluorescent beads coupled to an antibody pair provide increased detection sensitivity in the fg range. This technology can be developed into a stand alone 96-well system or integrated into an existing platform. We also can screen through thousands of negative human plasma controls to verify specificity and robustness.

Detection of human rPrP using Amorfix's Dual Bead Assay vs DELFIA®

Detection of human rPrP using Amorfix's Dual Bead Assay vs DELFIA®

Advantages of the Dual Bead Ultrasensitive Protein Assay:

  • Protein detection sensitivity : 15fg (10-15fg) or lower
  • Up to 4 logs more sensitive than a DELFIA® assay (time-resolved fluorometric immunoassay)
  • Specificity: >99%
  • Short processing time: ½hr - 2 hrs only
  • Femotgram to range 10-15 fg
  • R&D performed in accordance with ISO 13485:2003