Epitope Protection™

A fundamental problem in the detection of aggregated misfolded proteins (AMPs) in blood is the presence of the normal protein at a million-fold relative concentration. Amorfix has developed the Epitope Protection™ (EP) technology that can allow detection of AMPs in a sample where normal proteins are much more abundant. EP uses chemical modifying agents that alter epitopes on normal proteins but not on AMPs. This procedure minimizes the background and once the aggregate has been disaggregated, the conserved epitopes can then be detected by ultrasensitive immunodetection procedures using standard reagents. This process can be applied to any AMP. The company has verified that EP technologies selectively modify normal protein but not AMPs in samples from Alzheimer's Disease (AD) and variant Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (vCJD). Using the EP technology, Amorfix has developed highly sensitive and specific diagnostic assays.

Diagram: Amorfix Diagnostic Strategy

Amorfix's diagnostics rely on a variety of proprietary technologies which allow for the isolation and detection of aggregated or misfolded proteins

  1. Patient blood or biofluid sample
  2. Masking of normal protein
  3. Detection of aggregate using a sensitive and rapid assay
Amorfix diagnostic strategy