Welcome to the Amorfix Website

Amorfix is continuing to develop diagnostics and therapies for diseases where “misfolded” proteins are known to be present - Alzheimer’s disease, ALS and cancers.

Understanding protein folding, both normal and abnormal, is key to effectively developing treatments for these diseases.

Emerging research has already begun to unravel the way these diseases are initiated and progress.

Diagnostics seeks to find people with the hallmark misfolded protein (each disease has a different one) and this early detection allows for earlier treatment.

But better treatments for all these diseases are needed.

At best, to date, symptoms, not the underlying disease process, are treatable, and so the disease eventually wins.

Amorfix is developing better treatments for ALS plus improved diagnostics and treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and cancers.

This website will give you more details about our unfolding success and discoveries.

Amorfix employees at work.